January 21, 2019

MDMs + Advanced macOS Compliance

Today, almost every business can benefit significantly by utilizing a Device Management system. MDM (Mobile Device Management) and EMM (Enterprise Mobility Management) systems can simplify the process of deploying and maintaining your fleet of devices.

As helpful as these solutions may be, all current MDMs have very few security related options available. We compared the feature set of a popular device management platform, Cisco Meraki Systems Manager with Kandji. As you can see below, Kandji lets your team define far more robust parameters than what is available inside Cisco Meraki Systems Manager alone.

2019.01.09 - Kandji vs. Meraki SM

Organizations that need to comply with standards like HIPAA, CIS, FedRAMP, NIST, or STIG are forced to write and maintain custom code for every policy they wish to enforce.

That's why we built Kandji. Kandji has over 140 built-in one-click parameters that allow you to fine-tune your business's Macs by automating the implementation of advanced security and compliance policies, without writing a single line of code.

Kandji was built from the ground up to easily stack on top of existing management services like Jamf or AirWatch. Kandji can be deployed silently via these tools to ensure compliance in a fraction of the time with no need to write or manage any scripts. Kandji also works standalone if you don't currently use an MDM.

Try Kandji today for free to make your Macs secure and compliant with ease.

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