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kandji passport coordinates local, cloud identities for authentication
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Kandji Passport Coordinates Local, Cloud Identities for Authentication

Kandji Team Kandji Team
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Today, Kandji announced the release of Passport, an authentication product that creates a seamless, one-password sign-in experience for users. Kandji Passport validates the credentials a user provides during Mac login against an organization’s cloud-based identity provider (IdP), so users need to remember just one password for both their Mac computers and the organization’s single sign-on (SSO) provider. Passport provides a native Mac login experience while streamlining device configuration, management, and security tasks for IT admins.

“Fewer passwords for users to remember and for admins to manage can enhance an organization’s end-to-end security,” said Adam Pettit, CEO at Kandji. “Additionally, IT teams see many help desk tickets from users who can’t log in because they’re not sure which password to use or who get locked out for typing in the wrong password too many times. Having both the cloud identity password and local password synced creates a better user experience and reduces the ticket load on Mac admins.”

Kandji Passport offers organizations an alternative to solutions that require a complicated setup process to sync Mac passwords with cloud identity providers. At login, Passport securely authenticates user credentials with cloud-based identity providers. Additionally, Passport boosts overall security within an organization by facilitating uniformity in password management. Users' lives are made easier with just one password to remember; this results in less password reset requests, which are the most common source of IT tickets.

Kandji Passport’s key features allow:

  • Configuration and deployment in minutes from the Kandji web app.
  • An elegant login experience that looks and feels native to the Mac.
  • Simplified password management for both admins and users.
  • Synchronization with all leading cloud-based identity providers. 

“Companies’ increased adoption of cloud-based identity providers for single sign-on has left a disconnect between the local Mac user login and the cloud-based IdP,” said Mark Bowker, senior analyst, Mobile and Security at ESG. “While work has been done to authenticate local Mac users with cloud-based IdP credentials, what is missing is ease of deployment for admins and a native experience for users. Kandji Passport is closing that gap

“As more organizations move to one-password access to applications and services through the adoption of cloud-based identity providers, more mid-market and enterprise companies will expect this type of solution to be a part of their device management suite,” said Bowker. 

To learn more, go to, or check out our launch video: