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kandji announces new device harmony platform, tears down the wall between it and infosec to keep enterprise apple users secure and productive
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Kandji Announces New Device Harmony Platform, Tears Down the Wall Between IT and InfoSec to Keep Enterprise Apple Users Secure and Productive

Kandji Team Kandji Team
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Kandji, today announced its revolutionary new Device Harmony platform, which tears down the wall between enterprise IT and InfoSec teams, so they can truly work together to keep every Apple user secure and productive.

“Historically, IT and InfoSec teams pursued their mandates independently — InfoSec secured the company and its users, while IT made sure all the technology worked,” said Adam Pettit, Founder and CEO of Kandji. “But today, IT and InfoSec teams must work together to keep their company and users both secure and productive. To win now, these teams need shared data and systems.”



Kandji’s new Device Harmony platform deeply connects IT and InfoSec capabilities that were previously spread out across five different product categories: Device Management, Vulnerability Management, Endpoint Detection and Response, Endpoint Visibility, and Endpoint Compliance. The new platform bridges each of these capabilities with shared intelligence, automation, and workflows designed for the cross-functional manner in which these teams now work. 

“With Device Harmony, these teams can unlock a comprehensive view of every endpoint and create a shared reality between IT and InfoSec, so they can recognize and remediate risks within a single platform, reducing the gap between identifying and addressing issues,” continued Pettit. “Now, IT and InfoSec teams can work together to navigate their fleets and take action, while providing users with the most elegant, Apple-native experience possible while maintaining a strong security posture.”

Kandji’s industry-leading Device Management capabilities are now a core pillar of the new Device Harmony platform, and will soon be joined by two new pillars — Vulnerability Management and Endpoint Detection and Response.



Device Harmony — Vulnerability Management

IT and InfoSec need vulnerability intelligence that’s connected to device management so they can remediate issues faster. Kandji’s Vulnerability Management capability provides a full view of security vulnerabilities across macOS, the description, history and severity of each, what software is affected, and the devices on which that software resides. From there, teams can immediately take action to eliminate or mitigate the vulnerability by using Kandji to upgrade apps, block apps, or run scripts to uninstall apps as needed. Instead of taking a periodic scanning-based approach, Kandji uses a lightweight service built into the proprietary Kandji Agent running on the Mac. Kandji leverages Apple’s Endpoint Security framework and listens for application-related events to determine if new vulnerabilities have been introduced or patched—delivering vulnerability insights in real time.


Vulnerabilities screen on Mac


Device Harmony — Endpoint Detection and Response

IT and InfoSec teams need shared data and systems to quickly detect and respond to threats, while keeping users productive. Endpoint Detection and Response will provide industry-leading performance and extensive threat detection for Mac from day one. The proprietary Kandji Agent monitors all files and applications on the Mac in real time and provides a detailed view of all events detected, including threat name and classification, along with any relevant actions and their dates. From there, the Kandji Agent terminates any malicious processes and quarantines the file.

Kandji’s approach to Endpoint Detection and Response combines both pre-execution and post-execution methodologies. Pre-execution methodologies can apprehend almost all malware variants. It reduces the risk of the malware executing and security software being unable to stop it in time or at all. Post-execution methodologies detect threats without the need to see the malware beforehand. It is based on the typical actions that malware takes while executing.


Endpoint Detection & Response screen on Mac



All of Kandji’s Device Harmony capabilities, including Endpoint Detection and Response, Device Management, and Vulnerability Management, will be deployed through the proprietary Kandji Agent. The lightning-fast Kandji Agent, built with Swift, keeps every Mac running at top performance. Kandji uses Apple technologies that are available exclusively to mobile device management (MDM) solutions to ensure that the Kandji Agent is always installed and active.

The first two pillars of the Kandji Device Harmony platform - Vulnerability Management and Endpoint Detection and Response - are currently available to select preview customers, and general availability will be available to all customers in the coming weeks. Endpoint Visibility and Endpoint Compliance - two additional pillars of the Device Harmony platform - will be available for preview in early 2023.

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