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announcing support for ios 16 and tvos 16
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Announcing Support for iOS 16 and tvOS 16

Alexandre Morin Alexandre Morin
Senior Product Manager at Kandji
3 min read

Today, Apple released iOS 16 and tvOS 16 to the public. We’ve thoroughly tested all Kandji services with iOS 16 and tvOS 16 including enrollment, payload and restrictions deployment, Self Service and more. We are happy to report that Kandji is ready to support your iPhone fleet running iOS 16 and your Apple TV devices running tvOS 16.

These new operating systems bring features and enhancements your users will love. You can find the full list on Apple’s website. It’s also important to know which devices in your fleet support the new operating systems. iOS 16 is supported on devices all the way back to the 2nd generation iPhone SE (no iPod touch). tvOS is supported on Apple TV HD and later.

It’s easy to update your fleet of devices. If you are using Managed OS for iOS or tvOS, you can be confident that once devices reach the enforcement deadline you set, Kandji will prompt users to update their devices so they can benefit from the latest features and security updates. Your supervised and passcode-less iPhone and Apple TV devices will update automatically without user intervention.

Apple will release iPadOS 16 and macOS 13 Ventura in October. We’ve also been testing those operating systems with Kandji services and are ready to support those operating systems on launch day.

For more details about Managed OS for iOS, iPadOS, and tvOS, see our announcement blog post, and our support article.